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Metamorphic Massage




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I have been a licensed and practicing Massage Therapist in Kentucky since 2010. I have a background working in a spa environment, on a sports team, and have corresponded closely with Physical Therapists and Chiropractors. I'm happy to work on anyone, from someone just seeking a little R&R to someone post op needing rehabilitative work. My current practice is out of a first floor home office, which keeps the environment quiet and private, allowing you to feel completely taken care of and at ease. I've also become a certified instructor of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage and have been teaching these intensive continuing education classes from my studio as well.

I listen first and treat second. I believe people know and understand their own body better than anyone else, and massage empowers you to tune into the body's inner dialogue more closely. In my opinion the idea of healing begins with you and I am just a facilitator to help the process along! Our consultation is very thorough in order to grasp the root issues of the stress and pain cycle. Services are booked by time and 100% customized, that way any modalities we determine are best for you can be incorporated. Based on the findings during the session, I do my best to provide you with the most important and relevant home care and referrals to help you Progress Into Wellness.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 


I employ a number of Deep Tissue techniques to address areas of acute and chronic tension, restricted range of motion, nerve pain, and headaches, among other issues creating discomfort. The pressure will vary depending on the person and region being worked. It can be fused with other modalities to increase efficacy and/or induce relaxation. 


Heated basalt (volcanic) stones are used as a massage tool to generate circulation, soften the muscle tissue more quickly and create a deeply grounding experience. It's a wonderful service any time of year! I also have cold stones which are especially great for inflamed sinuses. For the use of a few stones in a specific area the price is the same, for a full stone massage the price is varied.


Ashi=Foot, Atsu=Pressure

Ashiatsu is a technique using the feet, one foot at time, to apply deep, gravity based compressive massage using overhead bars for balance and support. It's the long relaxing flow of a Swedish Massage combined with the pressure of a Deep Tissue Massage. All body types can benefit but some restrictions apply.

No one needs a massage more than an expecting mother! A pregnancy pillow allows her to safely and comfortably lay on her stomach during. A few other minor positional modifications and technical adjustments  are made and she will be quickly relaxed in no time! This service is available for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. 



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